Terms and Conditions

Information About Us and How to Contact Us
We are Wisdom Living Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong (Company number 2923056), with registered address at 33/F, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (“WOL”, “we”, “us”, “our”).

These terms and conditions apply to the supply of products, events, privileges, offers, discounts, promotions and/or other digital content (“WOL Services” or “Offerings”) supplied to you in connection with your WOL membership. If you have any questions about these terms or our memberships, you can contact us by email at [email protected].

We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Any future purchases or redemptions will be subject to the new terms in place at the time of the order and/or redemption. Please double check these terms before making such order or redemption.

Membership Rights & Privileges
Your Membership Application
By completing and submitting your application to become a Wisdom of Living (“WOL”) member on the WOL platform (www.wisdomofliving.com) or otherwise accessing or using the WOL platform, you confirm that you have read these terms carefully and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Please note to make an application, purchase or redemption you must be over the age of 18.

When submitting your application to become a WOL member, you will be asked to pay the yearly membership subscription fee upfront based on the membership tier you wish to become part of (either Beyond Gold or Beyond Black, see https://www.wisdomofliving.com/pages/member-privileges). On receiving your application, we may require additional information and may ask you to complete a separate application form, in such case we will give you 5 business days to complete the form and return it to us, otherwise your membership may be rejected.

Please note that applications are not guaranteed to be accepted. Due to the nature of our services there will only be a select number of memberships available at any one time.

An appointed Member Selection Committee will meet periodically and admit new members, provided applications satisfy all criteria requirements and pass internal screening assessments. The Member Selection Committee shall have sole discretion as to who shall become a member of WOL. WOL and the Member Selection Committee is under no duty to disclose its reasons for rejecting any membership application.

If the application is unsuccessful or rejected, we will promptly issue a full refund of the membership fee paid to your original payment method. We will communicate with you by email if your application has been unsuccessful or rejected.

If your application is successful, you will receive a welcome email and confirmation of your login details, any paid membership payment for successful memberships will not be refunded.

If your application is successful, you will see your selected membership subscription fee converted into WOL points at a conversion rate of HK$1 = 1 WOL point. These points can then be used to redeem Offerings sold on the WOL platform.

Referring New Members
Existing members are welcome to refer new applicants to join WOL and may be entitled to incentives based on whether the application is successful and subject to particular terms of any active referral campaigns.

Membership Subscription Payment and Renewals
Once accepted, your WOL membership is valid for a minimum period of one year and renews thereafter on an annual basis. At each renewal period of your membership subscription shall become due. We will send you a reminder at least 30 days before your membership renews together with details of how much is due and any increase in prices or changes to our membership benefits.

We will automatically deduct your membership renewal fees from your account (via the original payment method) on expiry of the 30 day period. Where we are unable to automatically deduct your renewal fees, we will ask you to logon to your account and manually pay your renewal fees.

Membership renewals are automatic, subject to a review by our Membership Selection Committee. Members must also satisfy the minimum transaction requirement of redeeming at least 3 WOL offerings of any kind within each membership year to be eligible for renewal. The decision of the Member Selection Committee is final and without appeal. If you do not meet the minimum transaction requirement, and your membership is not renewed for another year, we will notify you in advance and you will have 30 days to use all your WOL points, if not, all WOL points in your account will be deemed as expired.

It is within the discretion of WOL to amend our membership subscription fees and the offerings under this subscription at any time. WOL will notify you 30 days in advance in the event where there are to be any substantial changes to the offerings, amount, date, or frequency of the payment of your membership subscription fees. If you do not agree to such changes, you may provide us with notice to terminate your membership.

Membership Service Fees
Based on the sole discretion of WOL, WOL may offer discounts on memberships in connection with special campaigns from time to time . Any fees and/or discounts will be displayed at the top of the “Membership Subscription Fees” and will be subject to separate terms and conditions communicated at the time.

Membership Cards
Members will receive a digital QR code and/or physical membership card upon filling out their delivery address after being accepted into the WOL Membership.

WOL Membership Points
All Offerings are redeemed on the WOL platform using points. Membership subscription fees are converted into WOL points upon confirmation of your WOL membership. The conversion rate of cash to WOL points is HK$1 = 1 WOL point. Points can be topped up throughout the membership year and will have a one (1) year expiration date from the date of purchase of your points, provided that the membership has not expired or been terminated (in which case you will have the opportunity to redeem any remaining points within a 30 day period as outlined in these terms and conditions).

Termination of Membership
Members can cancel their membership at any time by giving 30 days’ notice. No refund will be given in respect of any membership subscription or service fees already paid by you. In the event you do not want to renew your membership you must give us as least 30 days’ notice, otherwise your membership will renew automatically.

During such notice period you must use any remaining WOL points, otherwise such points will be considered as forfeited and expired.

WOL reserves the absolute right to cancel or suspend your membership without refunding any membership subscription or service fees paid by you, provided that there are reasonable grounds to do so (including but not limited to any breach(es) of WOL’s Code of Conduct).

Purchase of Offerings Using WOL Points
Certain Offerings will be available for purchase on the WOL platform using your WOL points. Where you do not have enough points, you may need to make additional cash payments to make up the balance. All purchases made by you are final and, subject to our Returns Policy below, are non-refundable (and cannot be exchanged for other Offerings or cash).

Our acceptance of your purchase will take place when you receive your confirmation email. Offerings as subject to availability. If we are unable to accept your order, we will inform you of this and will not deduct the WOL points from your balance. This might be because the Offering is out of stock or the services or event is sold out on our site, because we have identified an error in the number of WOL points required or the price to purchase the Offering or there is an error in the Offering description or because we are unable to meet a delivery deadline. We also reserve the right to cancel any accepted order if there such errors identified.

We will assign an order number to your redemption order providing details of your purchase in your confirmation email.

The WOL website/ platform is for users in Hong Kong SAR. Unfortunately, we do not accept orders to addresses outside of Hong Kong SAR.

Our Offerings may be subject to additional terms and conditions of use of the experience partner and WOL (including validity periods). These will be displayed at the point of making your purchase and may be subject to change without prior notice.

We may also from time to time include advertising material and/or promotions of third parties and links to their websites. These third party sites will also be subject to additional terms and conditions. We are not responsible for the contents of any third party website. In each case, please ensure you have read such terms and conditions before making such purchases, using the website or submitting any personal data.

We will provide you with separate information on delivery costs and estimated time for delivery at the point of submitting your order. You are responsible for ensuring your delivery address is correct during the order process. It is your responsibility to inform us if your item does not arrive by the estimated delivery address. In some instances, the relevant experience partner will deliver the product-based Offering to you directly.

Payment Information
Any credit/debit card payments and other arrangement of payments you make through the WOL platform will be processed by our third-party payment providers, and the payment data you submit will be securely stored and encrypted by our payment service providers using up to date industry standards. Please note that WOL does not directly process or store debit/credit card data you submit.

WOL may arrange your card or payment data you submit to be stored for the purpose of processing your membership application, initiating your membership, and collecting your subscription fees if your membership application is successful. In the event you are put onto the membership waiting list, please note that your data may be stored for later use to initiate your membership and subscription.

WOL may store and use card or payment information for the purpose of processing any future payments you will make as a member for additional events, products, or services you may purchase on the WOL platform. We will store this data in accordance with our legal obligations under applicable laws and only for so long as legally permitted.

No-Show Policy
WOL has a strict no-show policy to ensure all Members have a fair opportunity to register for and attend its exclusive complementary privilege events.

If a member cannot attend an exclusive complementary privilege event, he/she must give WOL at least [2] business days’ prior notice of their cancellation of registration by sending an email to [email protected] or contacting the designated account manager.

If a member fails to attend an exclusive complementary privilege event without giving WOL at least [2] business days’ prior notice on 3 separate occasions in 1 calendar year, WOL reserves the right to remove him/her from its priority list for invitations to any future complementary privilege events.

Our Liability
Although WOL seeks to provide the ultimate digital experience on the WOL platform, including without limitation by offering accurate and updated content, we cannot and do not guarantee that the WOL platform or any part thereof will always be fully functional, accurate and updated. We reserve the right to change, modify, or remove the contents of our platforms at any time or for any reason at our sole discretion without notice. You may experience hardware, software, or perform maintenance related to our platform, resulting in interruptions, delays, or errors – we accept no responsibility or liability for such interruption or delay.

We do not accept any liability for damage or loss of data to any technological device you use to access our platform. We cannot guarantee that any content you access or download is free from viruses, worms, or other malware; it is up to your responsibility to inspect that you have suitable, up-to-date virus or malware protection on your computer or device.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws, we will not be liable to you for any consequential, special or indirect or incidental loss that arise out of your use of website/ platform or any of our services.

WOL is not the manufacturer of any goods sold and excludes all liability in respect of (i) the quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose of any product-related Offering, including any compliance with applicable laws and regulations such as food and health safety and consumer protection; and (ii) the quality of any service-related Offering. While we carefully select our experience partners, we cannot guarantee that any service-related Offering will be provided with reasonable skill and care. The relevant experience partner will be solely and exclusively liable for any loss or damage you or any party suffers on their premises and/or when you are redeeming an Offering (including any events and experiences), and WOL excludes all liability to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws. In instances where the relevant experience partner delivers the product-based Offering to you directly, we are not responsible for the proper delivery of the products and/or the condition of the products upon arrival. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit either party’s liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, death or personal injury resulting from negligence or where applicable law does not permit us to restrict or exclude particular obligations or liabilities.

You warrant that the redemption item(s) are for your own personal use (or as a gift) and not for commercial re-sale purpose.

In order to ensure WOL events and experiences are accessible and enjoyable to all participants, WOL maintains a Code of Conduct for its Members to safeguard Members’ interests:
  • Please adhere to our strict No-Show Policy to ensure all Members have a fair opportunity to register for and attend WOL events and experiences.
  • Please treat fellow Members, WOL staff and all other individuals at WOL events and experiences with respect and courtesy. WOL does not tolerate any hostile, belligerent, or otherwise disorderly behavior. While alcohol may be provided at certain WOL events and experiences, intoxication does not excuse any Members from non-compliance with any provisions in the Code of Conduct.
  • No Member shall purchase, sell, use or possess any object which is illegal or offensive at WOL events and experiences. If any such objects are found, the item will be confiscated, the relevant Member will be removed from the event or experience and WOL may have to call the police or relevant authorities depending on the circumstances.
  • Please refrain from any forms of ticket scalping, touting or otherwise resale of WOL Offerings to individuals who are not WOL Members. In particular, purchasing tickets to WOL events and experiences at discounted prices offered to Members and reselling such tickets to non-members is strictly prohibited.
  • Any conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation of WOL is strictly prohibited. You agree to observe the Code of Conduct, any requirements and rules of the relevant event or experience and any signs published or displayed at the premises of such event or experience at any time.

  • WOL has sole and absolute discretion to determine whether a Member has breached its Code of Conduct. WOL reserves the absolute right to cancel or suspend your membership without refunding any membership subscription or service fees paid by you, in the event that you are found to be in breach of the Code of Conduct.

    Wisdom Living Limited (“WOL”, “we”, “our” or “us”) are committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our members. In order to provide you with the best possible service and experience, we will collect, use and disclose personal data about you, and this privacy policy explains how and why we do so when you use our the WOL platform, become a member and/ or otherwise receive services from us (“WOL Services” or “Offerings”).

    By using our platform or by submitting your personal data to us, you agree to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data and (with your consent) to direct marketing as set out in this privacy policy – please read it carefully.

    Categories and Sources of Personal Data:
    We may collect information about you from:
  • you, the user, such as when you become a member, sign up for our updates, request informational material, create an account, make a purchase, or contact customer service;
  • third-party services, including without limitation our experience partnerships and brands (such as hotels, restaurants, and luxury goods providers) with which we are to deliver a product or services purchased by you or collaborating or co-hosting events with where you may give your personal data to perform a transaction through the third-party;
  • our enterprise / corporate clients (who are organisations with whom you have an existing relationship and who may have referred WOL to you, for example, your employer or bank); and
  • through data gathered from your social media and online activities, and your preferences through your use of the WOL Services.

  • We may collect the following types of personal data about you:
  • identity information - name, address, gender, marital status, date of birth, personal contact details (including email address and telephone number), business contact details, financial or credit card information, membership, loyalty and rewards programme data. This information includes details you provide to us when you register to become a member, update your profile or preferences, subscribe to or use any of the WOL Services, make purchases or share data via the platform or social media;
  • technical information - which will include the type of mobile device you use, unique mobile device identifiers (such as IP address, IMEI number, the address of the device's wireless network interface, or mobile phone number used by the device), mobile network information, your mobile operating system, and time-zone settings;
  • location information - geo-location data to determine your current location; and
  • background information - details about your interests and preferences, food allergies, health and fitness, information about your family, friends and your travel/dining companions, and any feedback, questions or recommendations you provide, and details of other membership schemes you subscribe to such as frequent flyer numbers and loyalty programme accounts.

    We may also collect contact information for related persons including your friends, family members, guests you invite or potential members you propose during your membership with us. If you provide us with such information, you confirm that you have their consent to do so before providing the information to us.

    We will indicate whether it is mandatory for you to provide certain types of personal data at the time of collection. If you do not provide us with personal data which is marked as mandatory, we may be unable to administer and manage our relationship with you (including providing you with access to the WOL services) or comply with our legal obligations.

    We may employ cookies and other technologies from time to time. The information collected by cookies and other technologies includes information of your electronic device, browser details, IP address and your preferences and habits on language, webpage layout and other matters. We collect, analyse and use the information to enable our website to function and operate, and to enhance website performance and user experience (for example, cookies may be used to help speed up your future interactions with our website and platforms).

    We may also share information gathered through cookies with third party research agencies for analysis and research to enable us to perform more focused marketing of our services and products.

    If you do not agree to our use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this privacy policy, you should restrict or disable the cookies associated with our website by changing the settings on your browser accordingly. However, if you do so, you may find that certain features and functions on our website may not work properly. This may impact your user experience while on our website.

    Purpose for Collecting, Using, and Sharing the Personal Data
    We may process your personal data for the following purposes:
  • to process your membership application and manage your membership (including maintaining accurate membership records);
  • to process fees for WOL Services, membership subscriptions and any related transactions;
  • to provide you with access to WOL Services;
  • to process, confirm, and fulfill bookings at our events or membership confirmation or renewal;
  • to process your purchases through our platform;
  • to confirm your redemption and verify your identity and those guests you have brought along to an event or to redeem WOL Services or Offerings;
  • to send you surveys, marketing communications, promotional offers, and other information you have requested (with your consent);
  • to monitor your use of the WOL platform in order to understand your preferences and personalise our communications;
  • to provide customer service;
  • to communicate with you and provide you with further information about WOL Services (including to response to any queries or complaints);
  • to review the service we provide to you, and carry out analytics and report on our engagement with you;
  • to operate, evaluate and improve the WOL Services and overall business (including by developing new offerings; managing our communications; determining the effectiveness of our advertising and understanding your preferences; analysing the WOL services; and assisting our partners and enterprise/ corporate clients in the provision of services to you);
  • to further understand your preferences so that more unique offerings and privileges can be created and curated for your consumption;
  • for future research for WOL expansion of services and offerings;
  • for health and safety purposes and otherwise to comply with our legal obligations;
  • for our everyday business purposes in accordance with the law; and/or
  • for legal and regulatory compliance, security and fraud detection, and/or to enforce our rights.

  • Categories of Other Entities to Whom Personal Data Is Disclosed
    We may disclose your personal data to the following (who may be situated in or outside of Hong Kong):
  • members of the Great Eagle Group and its affiliates;
  • WOL partners (including Experience, Corporate or Membership Partners) who require the information in order to facilitate the WOL Services to you, and to further understand your preferences. We will only share your personal data with our partners to the extent they are required for our partners to facilitate the provision of WOL Services / Offerings to you, including future WOL Services / Offerings;
  • vendors who match and serve our targeted advertisements on social media platforms and other third-party websites;
  • our third party service providers who provide us with services, for example those that maintain our customer database; provide data storage and processing; send communications on our behalf; prepare, ship and deliver your orders; help improve your online experience; process your payments; and provide fraud monitoring and detection services; and
  • our advisors and regulators, which includes our accountants, auditors, lawyers, other professional advisors and business contacts, for the purpose of assisting us to better manage, support or develop our business and comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

  • The WOL platform may contain links to and from the websites of our partners. If you access other sites using the links provided, please be aware they may have their own privacy policy, and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies or for any personal data which may be collected through these websites. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these websites.

    We may also use your personal data to send you marketing information about our services, news, offers, promotions and events which we think may be of interest to you via email or other electronic means or those of our selected third parties. In each case, where required by applicable laws, we will only do so where we have your consent to receiving such marketing information from us.

    From time to time your personal data may be transferred overseas for the purposes described in this privacy policy. Any transfers of personal data overseas are made pursuant to legally acceptable mechanisms that are aimed at ensuring an adequate level of protection as regards your personal data.

    Security of Personal Data
    We implement reasonable physical, technical and organisational measures designed to protect your personal data from any unauthorised or accidental access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or damage as well as to keep your personal data confidential. Despite our ongoing efforts, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure and we cannot guarantee the security of personal data transmitted to us via the website. Moreover, we are not responsible for the security of information that you transmit to us over networks that we do not control, including internet and wireless networks. Any transmission is therefore at your own risk.

    Storage of Personal Data
    We will retain your personal data for no longer than is required for the fulfilment of the purposes set out in this privacy policy, unless otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws.

    Your Rights
    You have the following rights in respect of your personal data:
  • to request access to personal data held about you;
  • to ask for the personal data we hold about you to be rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete;
  • to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority; and
  • (where applicable) to withdraw your consent at any time to direct marketing communications.

  • Where permitted to do so under applicable law, we may charge you a reasonable fee to process your request.

    Changes to this Policy
    We may make changes or updates to this privacy policy from time to time. Please check back frequently to see any such updates or changes. We may notify you in the event of any material changes and will, where required by applicable laws, obtain your consent to the same.
    Contact Us
    To obtain further information regarding your rights, to exercise any of your rights, or to ask any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact our Data Privacy Officer at [email protected].