Both WOL and MINI strive for excellence and bring people on exciting journeys. This shared vision created the WOL x MINI – The DayBreaker event on April 4. This event was complimentary to all WOL believers and their friends and family as long as they have signed up in time. Over 200 tickets were claimed within a few days.


WOL和MINI都追求卓越,帶領人們踏上激動人心的旅程。這共同的願景促成了4月4日舉辦的WOL x MINI – The DayBreaker 活動,在短短數天之內已送出超過200張門票,所有成功登記的WOL會員及其親友都可免費參與。


The DayBreaker


































































































Fun MINI Cooper driving experience

All WOL believers were there first to test-driving four different MINI model vehicles (including the new MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid model) and have their name as the personalized license plate on the MINI they test drove. This is an experience you cannot buy again and replicate!


WOL會員率先試駕四款不同的MINI車款(包括全新的 MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid 在內),並在他們試駕的 MINI 上貼上附有自己名字的個性化車牌,這絕對是絕無僅有的體驗!





































































































Go deep with self exploration and mindful experiences

Our event opened up opportunities for our members to embark on self-exploration journeys and helped them cultivate brand new interests. We were moved by their creativity and ability to craft and make the best out of their lives as well. Some of them created the most exquisite miniature moss bonsai bell jars while those who practiced yoga found balance and peace against the backdrop of a setting sun. Our coffee tasting class offered surprising new ways of appreciating coffee.



























































Get active with exciting activities with families and friends

There was truly something for everyone at the event. Kids were in high spirits as they befriended new companions at the kids playground. Superdads found surprising hidden lumberjack talents within themselves at the axe throwing zones.

Everyone was able to experience a new activity at the WOL x MINI – The DayBreaker event. The new friendships and laughter started early in the morning and lingered towards the night as everyone didn't want to leave. The joy shared over the Easter weekend was tantalizing and gave us a taste of what could be possible in future events.


每個人都能夠WOL x MINI – The DayBreaker中獲得全新體驗,一整天都充斥著新建立的友誼與歡笑聲,眾人樂而忘返。這個復活節週末所分享的喜悅令人回味無窮,亦助我們好好策劃WOL未來的活動。