Wisdom of Living® is a membership programme that introduces its members with truly unique experiences in lifestyle, culinary, fashion and wellness. Mingle with your likes in an elite circle at our exclusive events and receive generous offerings in the process from renowned international and local brands. In addition, you will gain invaluable wisdom as you broaden your exposure to the intricacies of life.

Wisdom of Living®— 為尊貴會員精心設計生活品味、美酒佳餚、時尚潮流及健康養生等獨特體驗的尊尚會籍,打造不一樣生活品味。從享受會員專屬活動及各大國際或本地品牌的禮遇中,您可與志趣相投的人彼此連繫及建立友好關係,共同啟發新思維及靈感,豐富人生。


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WOL Offers 2 Membership Tiers

Beyond Black
As a Beyond Black Member of Wisdom of Living®, you will receive first priority to access exclusive VIP events, curated products, unique services, complimentary special privileges with selected experience partners, and exclusive journey and events tailored to WOL’s crème de la crème. Get first access to limited edition offerings with special prices only available to WOL member. Yearly fees are currently set at HK$6,888 and for this limited time only, the yearly fees are converted to WOL points which can be used to redeem for anything that are available on the WOL platform. Don’t expect something small, expect something exhilarating.

Beyond Gold
For this limited time only, Beyond Gold Members only cost $3,888 which will be converted to WOL points that can be used to redeem for anything that are available on the WOL platform. As a Beyond Gold Members, you will enjoy access to exclusive VIP events, curated products, unique services, perks and privileges that are rare and distinct from conventional offerings in the city.

Beyond Black
當成為我們的Beyond Black會員,您將獲得參加會員專屬VIP活動的優先權、一系列精心打造的產品服務、合作商戶的特別待遇,以及專為貴賓策劃的獨尊活動。WOL會員更可以專享價錢率先體驗限定禮遇,讓您踏上不一樣的旅程。Beyond Black的限時優惠年費為HK$6,888,並可全數轉換成WOL points,用於WOL平台上兌換不同的禮遇。請期待這份將令您驚喜不已的體驗!

Beyond Gold
Beyond Gold的限時優惠年費為HK$3,888 ,並可全數轉換成WOL points,用於WOL平台上兌換不同的禮遇。當成為我們的Beyond Gold會員,您將可參加會員專屬VIP活動,享受與眾不同的產品服務和尊尚禮遇。


















































Continuation of Membership Eligibility

Eligibility for membership requires renewal of the membership fees and have at least 3 redemptions in the previous year. WOL has a strict belief that our members are here to experience and wants to meet other liked-minded WOL members. If you wanted something different, something old, something new and something to talk about and something to be remembered of and by, come and join Wisdom of Living and find a whole new world to live.

會籍年費將每年更新一次,限時優惠期內您的年費將會自動轉換WOL points,用以兌換活動和特殊禮遇。

作為一個創新更始的會籍,Wisdom of Living®無疑將為您帶來不一樣的感受,幫助您成為一個時代菁英,讓您在新世代中閃閃發光。立即申請成為我們的會員。






Referral Program














































Refer & Be Rewarded

It’s not easy to have friends and family that share the same enjoyment and exploration like you do. As such, for a limited time only, our WOL members can refer up to 2 friends to join WOL. Upon their successful subscriptions, both parties will be rewarded with some special WOL points to further each other’s journey in WOL world.

Get ready and welcome all your liked-minded friends to this exclusive journey!

想將此專屬體驗帶給朋友及家人,建立共同的優質生活態度,互相連繫?現時限時期間,每位會員最多可推薦兩位朋友加入WOL 。一經注冊並成功成為會員,您們將一同獲得WOL points,探索WOL新世界。





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Adventures with Mini

Both WOL and MINI strive for excellence and bring people on exciting journeys. This shared vision created the WOL x MINI – The DayBreaker event on April 4. This event was complimentary to all WOL believers and their friends and family as long as they have signed up in time. Over 200 tickets were claimed within a few days.