Could you imagine a more profound event than the gathering of eminent talents and whisky drinkers, Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain, and Haruki Murakami for a Chinese feast?

Join us as the distilled essences of intellectual life is not a mere dream as you taste delicate and complex contemporary Chinese cuisine from Ming Court, Wanchai with the pairing of some utmost characteristic whiskies from The Glenrothes collections.

Your sensory and palate will never forget this experience.

您能想像一場比,弗蘭克·辛納屈(Frank Sinatra)、馬克·吐溫(Mark Twain)及村上春樹(Haruki Murakami)一群有名的威士忌愛好者一同在雅緻的宴會廳內品嚐著中式盛宴嗎?

這一幕將在這場宴會完美實現, The Glenrothes最具特色的威士忌巧搭明閣(灣仔)打造的精緻當代中國佳餚,定能為您帶來令人難忘的文化及味覺體驗。



Whisky Dinner

























































































Whisky History

Amber liquid whisky, characterized by its rich yellow colour, is a reminiscent of the sun setting over the sea. This radiant beauty that undulates and entrances the drinker is just a whiff away. It is as flavourful and as it is beautiful – more assertive than wine, richer than vodka, and more refined than beer.

Despite the ongoing debate on whether the Scottish or Irish first mastered the art of distilling grain and water, it is indisputable that both have an honorific whisky heritage to show.

Not only does the composition of the fine liquor determine its flavor and quality, but exceptional wood selections which form unrivalled casks also bring out a distinctive flavor to each whisky creation.






























































































Chinese Cuisine

The fabric of Chinese cuisine has been woven into its perfect form by foreign influences for centuries. Among them, Cantonese dishes are the most representative of Hong Kong, borned as Cantonese chefs experimented popular Western dishes with Hakka and Teochew cuisines to create new fusions during the British colony. As a result, crowd-pleasing tea houses and restaurants were established and became part of our dining tradition.

Ming Court, Wanchai continues the tradition of perfecting Cantonese cuisine by blending premium ingredients with rich heritage and transforming them into culinary works of art. The most ardent food critics cannot resist the most coveted dining experience in town within the opulent walls of Ming Court, Wanchai. While everyone knows Cantonese fare that pays homage to time-honoured Cantonese cuisine while ushering in a new era of creative fine dining can only be experienced here.



























































New Level of Wisdom

When you experience the pairing of the best Scottish whisky and the most authentic modern Cantonese cuisine at this event, you will deepen your appreciation for what different cultures and their history has to offer. You will gain a new level of wisdom as you share this experience with like-minded food aficionados. The whisky will introduce a host of new flavour profiles including toasted almond, smoked vanilla beans, and hints of citrus to you while enhancing the freshness and quality of the curated menu of Cantonese delicacies. As special guests, you will be enjoying the beautiful meal against the backdrop of dark wood tones and shimmering gold, Ming-Dynasty vases and artworks.





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