Message to our members

These are unprecedented times, and now, more than ever, the safety of our members, guests, and employees are paramount. WOL holds extremely high standards of health and hygiene which are deployed across all areas of our services, from packaging goods to executing safe and socially-distanced events. WOL remains alert to advice and updates from health experts and Government authorities, and will adapt our best practices accordingly.

We have established initiatives to guarantee the safest WOL experience by taking all precautionary measures available with any partners, which can be viewed here. While some measures may vary according to the type of event or delivery service, rest be assured that at all times your safety and comfort will be ensured.

  1. Arrival
    1. Health declaration forms (track and trace purposes)
    2. Temperature checks, and protocols for handling temperature detections of 37.5 celsius and above
  2. Experience
    1. PPE available for all members and guests
    2. Appropriate personal protective equipment worn by all employees throughout based on the protocol of the partners providing the service
    3. Enhanced health and safety training measures put in place for all employees
    4. Social distancing as required by Government authorities

COVID Updates

Members are encouraged to use the Leave Home Safe app and scan the QR codes posted at the entrances of our premises where WOL events are held at to record their visits.

Members and or their guests should not join any of WOL events if they live in the same building as any confirmed cases announced by the Government, are subject to to any compulsory quarantine order, compulsory testing order or notices, or have been in contact with confirmed or preliminary positive COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days.

Face masks must be worn at all times except for when dining or drinking.